Welcome to the New Zealand
GovTech Talent Graduate Programme

The ICT & Digital Govtech Talent Graduate Programme
is open for applications in July 2018.

Why Join Our
Graduate Programme?

Do you want the chance to enhance the skills that you’ve learned over the past few years and make a real contribution to New Zealand’s bright future at the same time? Apply for the GovTech Talent Graduate Programme to get into a role where your input will make a difference to New Zealand.

What we are looking for

  • Innovative thinkers to bring fresh and original solutions to complex problems.
  • Inspirational future leaders influencing new ways of thinking and getting things done.
  • A passion for technology and the difference it can make to New Zealand.

How the programme works

Join this exciting graduate programme and spend 24-months rotating through three of the participating government agencies, spending eight months in each.

This is your opportunity to work alongside passionate mentors who are the thought-leaders driving positive change in New Zealand. You will be working with and learning from some of the best in the business.

Who can apply?

Students in their final year of tertiary study in 2017 or recent graduates (with up to 24-months experience).

What you will gain

The programme will expose you to a variety of different functions and expand your skills, while contributing to the Government's ICT and digital direction.

You will experience working in three different agencies, maximising your opportunities for development, collaborating with colleagues across government, and broadening your network. You will grow your strengths by having a diverse range of experience, skills and networks to leverage on in your career.

This programme offers excellent opportunities for you to work with people who share your passion for making a positive difference for New Zealand.

The GovTech Talent agencies are committed to the Government's ICT and digital direction and looking for fresh ideas and enthusiasm to achieve this transformation. Are you the person they would love to have on board?

Skills and knowledge
you will build on

SecurityIn a security role, you’ll evaluate risks so that the agency can make informed decisions. It's about protecting data and information between government, businesses and citizens. Done securely, you will help build trust and confidence in government services in a digital world....


Information and DataIn an Information and data role, you’ll collate and present information and data in a way that is easy to understand. This information will help agencies ask the right questions and support governments data-driven future...


Project DeliveryIn a project delivery role, you’ll work in a project team delivering and monitoring projects. You’ll work in small to large scale projects ensuring the team considers the customer from start to finish. This requires you to be organised, determined and enjoy working with people...


TechnologyIn this role, you will help managers understand what digital technologies can offer. You have the opportunity to gain skills in a hands-on technology environment, as well as engaging with other government agencies and private companies...


UX (User Experience) In a UX role, you’ll work in a team designing and developing tools and services that assist with the interaction between the government and the public. Thinking of the overall experience of the user, you’re evaluate and improve upon the ways government can best serve New Zealanders...


Digital IntegratorIn a digital integrator role, you will need to be a future thinker. You will research digital trends to facilitate government's transition into digital. You will communicate your ideas with colleagues and managers to streamline services to the public...


Apply Now

Applications open:
July 2018

Application Tips:

  • Understand the function of the participating government departments and agencies.
  • Understand the aims of the Government ICT Strategy. For more information, visit ict.govt.nz.
  • Remember that the programme is 24 months based in Wellington with 3 rotations in different government agencies for 8 months.
  • Take time and care when answering the questions in the application form and don't forget to attach your CV/Resume.

  • Applications will be opening July 2018 for the 2019 graduate intake. For any questions or queries please reach out below.